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Clone my Hand

Magic Mix™

Magic Mix™

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Make more castings with our skin safe liquid Magic Mix™ casting mix. Take your creativity to the next level with this liquid quick-setting casting mix with our new tear pouches. Made with natural materials like alginate, our mix is used by crafting industry professionals and medical professionals to create casts for various applications and projects.

Our Magic Mix™ is unique to casting kits in that it is not a powder like other kits. That means our kits have no powder or tiny chemical particles flying in the air when mixing. We pride our kits being the easiest and quickest to use. Our Magic Mix sets in 3-5 minutes after mixing for a quick casting times. We have the best premium casting materials and colors.

Create new castings with these refills. Comes in two sizes 6oz or 9oz with two pouches in each pack to make two castings! 

Choose From:

  • 2 Pack- 6oz Magic Mix (2 Casting Tires for Small/Kids Hand)
  • 2 Pack- 9oz Magic Mix (2 Casting Tires for LargeAdult Hand)
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