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  • My Grandson Loved It

    I loved using Clone my Hand with my grandson. He had a lot of fun making it and It was a special time he and I will remember forever. Highly recommended.


  • Great Wedding Gift

    We got Clone my Hand for our engagement and loved making it with my boo. The final result came out great and only took an hour to make. It feels and looks very lifelike.


  • My Mom Cried

    I made a Clone my Hand as a surprise for my mom for her birthday and put flowers in it like on the site and she cried when I gave it to her. She was overjoyed by the thoughtfulness. Best moment ever!


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Fun for Everyone!

Craft a unique keepsake to treasure for years to come. Our Clone my Hand kits are the perfect gift for all ages. Unleash your imagination with our 1 Hour hand cloning kits, featuring a wide range of vibrant colors.

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